Tunnel Pass Renewal

  • New quick scan technology
  • No need for loose change
  • Use of auto drive lanes

Welcome to the Mississippi Tunnel Authority

Connecting the Quad Cities, the Mississippi River Tunnels are at the cutting edge of transportation technology, improving safety and reducing commute times. A one-time registration fee buys you open access to all Quad City Tunnels. High tech scanning technology will facilitate detection of drivers who will be billed for unauthorized use. These one-time fees will offset the initial capital investment of the construction of the tunnels and a trust can be established for future operation and maintenance requirements. After the trust is established, the fees will be waived and unlimited access through the tunnels will be open to all drivers.

Avoid the traffic jams on the Mississippi Bridge Spans – TAKE THE TUNNELS!

January 26th, 2010 marks the begining of significant traffic issues surrounding Arsenal Island access. Estimates project as many as 8,000 to 10,000 Quad Citians will be affected. The goal of the MTA is to make the tunnels a reality. Help support the efforts of the MTA by purchasing your future tunnel permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

MTA receives a number of inquiries from time to time. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

  • How do I get my unlimited access to the Quad City Tunnels? Unlimited access to the Quad City Tunnels can be obtained with a state-of-the-art Tunnel Permit. You can order your very own special permit on the Permit Registration page.
  • Do I have to put my sticker on a vehicle registered in my name? No. In fact, you can buy multiple Quad City Tunnel passes and distribute them to your friends and family. Orders of ten or more will receive a bulk discount when ordering through the mail or paypal.
  • When will the tunnels be operational? The project must start with formal analysis and study. Current estimates for the study range from $2.5 to $3 million. Once the study is complete and project is approved by the MTA management, construction could begin. Construction estimates could reach upwards of $350,000,000 for the entire system, but that pales in comparison to the lifecycle cost of new bridges.
  • Where are the planned tunnel entrances and exits? A current map is available on the Locations page. Locations are tentative at this time, and are subject to adjustment based on study data.
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