Show your support for the Quad City Tunnels!

Your donation covers the price of the sticker and the shipping, and will help fund the project once the minimum threshold of startup cash is reached. Proudly show your support by displaying your sticker on your car, at work, on your screen door, or wherever you think people who want to solve the Quad Cities' traffic problems might see it!

Why would I buy a "permit" for something that does not exist?

It is certainly not our intent to convince people that tunnels are actually in place and ready to use at this moment. The bumper stickers and parts of this website are intended to encourage support for tunnel crossings in a fun lighthearted way.

Here's how to apply for a tunnel permit...

Solve the Quad Cities' traffic problems for the long haul and help make the tunnels a reality -- just follow these three easy steps:

1) Send payment *
2) Tell us where to send the stickers **
3) Receive stickers in the mail ***

* Paypal links are below.
** Shipping and handling fees are included in the price. How convenient is THAT?
*** Don't you hate waiting? We do too, but it's a part of life, so get used to it. Your donation can help speed the Mississippi Tunnel projects and eliminate waiting in the future though, so don't delay! (By the way, delivery will normally be one to two weeks after payment.)

Permit Example

The permit shown below is an example only. Official permits are currently distributed in 4" x 6" vinyl that can be affixed to a bumper, or car window. Be sure to place sticker in a highly visible location... but please do not obstruct your view by placing a permit on your forehead or sun glasses.

Payment Options

Can you say volume discount? Ordering just one permit doesn't get us a tunnel nearly as fast as ordering a whole boatload of permits. Friends and family will appreciate the fact that you have provided them an unlimited pass to the QC Tunnels! (** Please Note ** If you plan to order more than 1 for discount, please input the total quantity in "Input Quantity" box shown below. Changing the quantity on the PayPal page will not apply our discount.)

					  1      $3.00 each
					  2 - 4  $2.75  each
					  5 - 9  $2.50  each
					  10 up  $2.25  each
sorry... no longer for sale... Happy April Fools Day 2009 style!!

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